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Medical Students and Doctors in Libya

History taking
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History taking :

First we have take the personal data.

Name،   age،   sex،   address، occupation،   marital status،  blood group, history of smoking and chronic disease like DM and HTN.

Chief complain:

In the wards of pt him/her self ، what he is complaining of.

Ex. Pain ، vomiting، lump، headache.

and Analysis of chief complain.

Systemic review :

by taking the systems of the pt one by one.

Gastrointestinal system:

We ask about dysphagia, hart burn، vomiting، gastric upset، change in bowel habit، change in stool color، upper GIT bleeding and (Melina and lower GIT bleeding)، wt loss،abdominal distention.

Respiratory system:

Cough ، sputum ،wheezing  ، chest pain ، hemoptesis ، dyspnea ، night swatting.

Cardiovascular system:

Palpitation، dyspnea، chest pain، intermittent claudication، cold extremities.

Central nervous system:

headache، blurring of vision ، fits and syncope ، loss of consciousnes  ،numbness.

Genitourinary system:

Dysurea ، urgency ، urinary incontinence، hematourea، premature ejaculation، history of menarche ، duration and period of menstrual cycle.

Locomoter system :

Joint pain ، joint swelling، bone pain، morning stiffness.

Endocrine system:

Swatting ، cold and hot intolerance ، sleep tendencies ، dry skin ، losing of male hairs.

Past medical and surgical history:

H/O chronic illness and surgical history including dental procedures .

Social and family history:

Is there any chronic illness in the family and his /her social history.

Drug history:

H/O drug intake ( recently or on chronic use)، H/O vaccination.

Detailed history coming soon

by Dr.Abubaker Abushnaf

Locomoter System